USB connector for Victor

Today we are going to see how to connect an USB port to Victor charger.


We will just need a simple UART like a CP2102


It is an USB to TTL bridge, so exactly what we need to connect our charger to our recent computer.


To connect the UART to charger, we just need TX,RX and GND links, as we don’t need to power our charger by this way, so in order to not destroy you charger, DON’T CONNECT +5V ou 3V3.

According to this backup of Sam Capri’s website, (many thanks to Paul), the Victor’s connector has 50 Pins. Regarding your charger upside down, the Pin 1 is on the Top-Right, Pin26 Top-Left. So you have to follow the next array:

  • Pin32 (Input) —- connect to CP2102 TXo
  • Pin7 (Output) —- connect to CP2102 RXo
  • Pin28 (Ground) —- connect to CP2102 GND


Connexions between CP2102 and charger (the top of the charger is on the top of the pict)

Communication with your computer

After connecting the UART to your computer, a new Com port appears.

You have now to run a terminal emulator. On my side, i use the « Terminal monitoring » from the Arduino IDE.

If you didn’t change parameters in the charger menu, the baud rate must be at 9600 bauds.

Then you can receive info.





Entrez vos coordonnées ci-dessous ou cliquez sur une icône pour vous connecter:


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