Firmware – address

This article lists the specific addresses in the IQ3001 firmware. This list is not exhaustive and will evolve over time 0000h - 07FFh : ROM / BASIC interpreter 0800h - 0FFFh : Strings storage 1000h : IRQ 0 JP 7A00 1009h : IRQ 3 JP E3C0 100Fh : IRQ 5 JP 7D70 1012h : Address … Lire la suite Firmware – address


Découverte autour du firmware – 1ere partie

First of all, I would like to apologize to my English-speaking readers, but this article is written in French. You can translate it with Deepl  translator. Langage de développement Tous ceux qui ont tenté de lire un firmware se sont rendu compte qu'une partie était écrite en Basic, mais ce n'est pas le seul langage qui … Lire la suite Découverte autour du firmware – 1ere partie


Z8 Victor EPROM

Victor’s firmware extraction

Today we are going to extract the firmware program with an Arduino. In order to extract it, we will follow this website An explanation on how EPROM is working : Prerequisites You will need: an Arduino Mega a breadboard some connectors Remove the component First of all, we have to identify the EPROM containing the … Lire la suite Victor’s firmware extraction